005 Sold Solid Silver Pair Model Yachts - Limited Edition - Seki Takehiko - Japan

This Pair of Sold Silver Miniature Yacht Models are by Seki Takehiko of Japan and are from a limited edition. The ships are all sterling (stamped Sterling 960 and signed Seki), except for the pennants, which are overlaid with gold, The "waves" that they are mounted on, are silver-plate. The precision is ecellent and rare to see a pair (one single mast and a twin mast). Takehiko Seki was born in 1908, and in 1922 moved to Tokyo to became the apprentice of silversmith Tajima Katsuyuki. Seki perfected his art under master Kosaka Munehiro, and established himself as a bona fide silversmith in 1936. These date to Circa 1950 and make for a very striking view in my gallery window.

Dimensions (side View including base) Twin Mast 

Height 11.5 (29cm) Width 14" (36cm) Depth 9.5" (24cm)  Item Sold