023 Sold Independent Order of Odd Fellows Medallion and Sash New York Lodge 59

This is an Independent Order of Odd Fellows medallion and sash dating to Circa 1900 and belonged to a member of The Saugerties Lodge in New York which was numbered No. 59 in The Order. It is complete with Medallion with the 3 interlocking chain links which represent Friendship, Love and Truth and the image of 'The all seeing eye'. The Odd Fellows claim their roots go back to the trade guilds in the 12th and 13th centuries and have values based organization like Freemasonry with a desire to help men improve themselves, but while Freemasonry's main objective is to "make good men better" the emphasis of the Odd Fellows  is in contributing to charitable works and providing aid and assistance.

Sash Length 8" (20cm) Item Sold