250 Sold Set of Seven Framed Hand Coloured Aquatints of Windsor Castle from 1819

Superb Set of Seven Framed Aquatints of Windsor Castle from 1819. Taken from 'The History of The Royal Residences' by W H Pyne and Published in 1819. They are engraved by T. Sutherland/W.L. Bennett from the Drawings by C. Wild and J Stephanoff

All Windsor Castle

St. Georges Hall - The Kings Drawing Room - Queen Ann's Bed - Choir of St Georges Chapel - Kings Guard Chamber -St Georges Chapel - The Royal Chapel (Where Meghan and Harry were recently Married !)

Ths set were located at Auction here in Dublin and are all originals. The recent Royal Wedding was held at Windsor Castle so they are very topical but rather rare with single Aquatints selling for circa 80 euros each online. The years have faded them a little but they are a superb set. Please note the picture of the Page from the original book is not included.

Frame Dimensions 12.75" (32.5cm)  x 11" (28cm) Item Sold