256 Sold Time for Tea Bessie Bamber Circa 1900

Circa 1900 - Bessie Bamber - "Time for Tea" - Lovely Painting on Milk Glass - Bessie Bamber lived and worked in Liverpool, and specialised in painting cats and kittens. She normally signed her paintings with a monogram, and often painted on ivorine or glass. Bamber’s style is detailed and her pictures are always carefully wrought. She was a clever creator of composition, her kittens are never mere portraits, but usually illustrated playing and surrounded by objects such as cotton reels, baskets, etc. Bamber used a variety of attractive colours in her pieces, usually warm reds and browns. Bessie Bamber painted at around the turn of the century - her pictures have always attracted a wide following and are sought after by collectors today.

Painting Height 7" (16.6cm) Width 8" (20.3cm)    Item Sold