792 Sold Set od 5 Vanity Fair Original Gentleman Cartoons - Late 19th Century Framed

These are a Super set of Framed 'Vanity Fair' Gentlmen Cartoons dating from 1870 to 1892. They are wonderfully framed with verso also showing the page text details that was detailed in the magazine together with the cartoon.

  1. Nov 1870 - Statesman No 68 'always pleasant always genial' The Honourable J.C. Vivian
  2. Mar 1888 - 'Shandy' Mr Reginal W. Chandos-Pole
  3. Nov 1892 - 'The National Observer' Mr. Willian Ernest Henley
  4. July 1875 - 'Suffolk' John Edward Cornwallis Rous
  5. Feb 1881 - 'The Ever victorious army' 'Chinese Gordon' Charles Georgr Gordon

This is a lovely set of originals from the actual Publications - Makes for a striking arrangement.

Frame Size Height 19" (48cm) Width 12.5" (32cm)   Item Sold