974 Sold Pair of Japanese Cloisonné Peacock Enamel vases. Early 20th Century

These are a striking Pair of Japanese Cloisonné Vases depicting a Peacock and Peahen with Chrysanthemums flowers.They are large and in superb condition. They date to Circa 1920 and the peacock imagery is always very desirable.

Height 10" (25.5cm)  Item Sold

Cloisonné, in the decorative arts, an
enameling technique or any product of that technique, which consists of soldering to a metal surface delicate metal strips bent to the outline of a design and filling the resulting cellular spaces, called cloisons (French: “partitions” or “compartments”), with vitreous enamel paste. The object then is fired, ground smooth, and polished. Sometimes metal wire is used in place of the usual gold, brass, silver, or copper strip