392 Pope Benedict and Pope John Paul Coin Set - 2005 - Minted by BH Mayer

 This is a Rare Boxed Set of 2 Solid Silver and Gold Coins minted by BH Mayer of Germany thought by some to be the best in The World. The Set was minted in 2005 to honour two Noteworthy Popes Benedict IVX and John Paul II. They have original Certificate (numbered). They were issued by The Knights of Malta. The amazing craftmanship and superior quality is evident on first inspection of this set. The Coins come in Proof fine silver with Swarovski Crosses. Pope Benedict Coin 50mm Diam/2 oz Fine Silver/ Yellow and White Swaroski and Gold image, John Paul Coin 35mm Sq/1 O fine Silver/ Black Swaroski and Gold image. This is a Rare Item although only dating to 2005 (Limited number produced 9999 all certified). They are in the original Box and both coins need to be professionally cleaned (i was advised by a Coin Expert to leave this to the purchaser) Box Dimensions Width 7" (18cm) Depth 4.5 (12cm) - What a Gift for any Admirer of Either of these Famous Popes. Price on Application