868 Wonderful Framed Print of The Exhibition Hall Leinster House 1853

Superb Framed Print of The Great Industrial Exhibition in 1853 was held in Dublin, Ireland. In its day, it was the largest international event to be held in Ireland. The Irish Industrial Exhibition Building, located on the grounds of Leinster House, housed the entire fair. It lasted from 12 May to 31 October,Queen Victoria accompanied by the Prince Consort and the Prince of Wales, paid an official visit on 29 August. It was entirely funded by William Dargan, entrepreneur and developer of Irish railways. He had planned to donate £100,000 to the effort, but ended up giving £400,000. The intent of the exhibition was to introduce the industrial revolution to Ireland, which was behind some other European countries.

Frame Height 22.75 (58cm) Width 18" (46cm)   €395