M128 Harvey Guzzini Table Lamp - Guzzini Brothers - 1970's - Faro Lamp

This is the famed Faro designed lamp by The Harvey Guzzini Company and dates to the 1970's. Harvey Guzzini is often mistakenly thought to be the name of a lighting designer active in the 1960s and 1970s. But in fact the label belongs to a lighting manufacturing company, which was founded by six Guzzini brothers—Raimondo, Giovanni, Virgilio, Giuseppe, Adolfo and Giannunzio—who were inspired by the 1950 film Harvey starring James Stewart. Compounding the historical record even further, it seems that the Guzzini company rebranded many times in the 20th century, going by, at various points, Harvey Creazioni, Harvey Guzzini, Guzzini, iGuzzini, and Illuminazione Guzzini. This is a really iconic table lamp in Nickel and Acrylic and makes a really striking design statement in my Gallery.

Height 24" (61cm) Diam Shade 13" (33cm)  €545