023 Set of 10 Solid Silver - Tiffany NY English King Design - Spoons - Heavy

This is a Superb set of Tiffany English King Design solid Silver Spoons. The English King design was first introduced in 1895 and designed by Charles Grosjean. The spoons are monogrammed with 'SBA' and bear a coat of arms from we presume to be an important American family. I have contacted a heraldic specialist in New York and hopefully we will be able to identify the family crest.  I purchased the Spoons in the Tilden-Thurber stamped fabric wrapper and this is also of interest as Tilden-Thurber were a very high end jeweller in Providence Rhode Island where many of the wealthy New York Familes spent their vacation time in the Edwardian Period.

Spoon Length 6" (15.5cm) Total Silver weight of 10 Spoons - 470 Gram    €545