063 Set of Four Framed - Vintage German Cars from Veteran and Vintage 1964

These are a great set of 4 famous German Cars from The Veteran and Vintage Book produced in 1964 by The Ariel Press. These are lithographs from the original book which was edited by Philip Lawton-Sumner (vice chairman of the veteran car club in uk). There are 24 lithographs in total in the book with 4 from Germany. The Cars are detailed as follows per sequence of pictures in this listing.

  • Mercedes Benz 1928 SS
  • Opel - 1909 (Doktorwagen)
  • Mercedes 1900 (35 PS)
  • Mayback 1936

They are beautifully mounted and framed in Walnut and would make the perfect gift for the car enthusiast in you life. These are from the original book and i also have sets from UK, Italy, USA and France.

Image Size Height 9.5" (24cm) Width 14.5" (37cm) €800