112 Pair Antonine Vases Inspired by The Artistry of Ancient Rome

Capture the timeless elegance of ancient Rome with this pair of "Vase Antonine." Inspired by Roman artistry, it features strigilated patterns and serpentine handles that symbolize guardianship over sacred spaces. While it may have been used for funerary purposes, its true function remains a mystery. Regardless, this exquisite piece, dating back to the Antonine period, brings the mystique and artistry of ancient times into your modern space. Finished with a Marble finish these vases will bring ancient Rome in to your interior space. The Vase Antonine takes its design inspiration from a marble vase with handles created from intertwined serpents (2nd half of the 2nd century A.D.) at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Width 23" (58cm) Height 19" (48cm) Depth 19.25" (49cm) €3600 Pair