151a Rare Set of old United Ireland Magazine Satirical Cartoons all Late Victorian and original

This set are rare and as Cartoons from Newspapers from nearly 130 year ago, they are in good condition. Three are by the famed JD Reigh for 'United Ireland'. They are delightful and insightful commentaries from the time. 'The Peers as Moonlighters' Aug 1894 'The Rat in The Trap' Mar 1889 'Caught in The mouth of the Hole' Aug 1889 and 'Blown up by their own Bombshell' Mar 1889. They are all excellent cartoons and superb satircal reflections on the time. Three of these Cartoons deal with the famous forgered letters by Piggott which implicated Parnell in the Phoenix Park Murders, The Times Newspaper printed and subsequently paid Parnell £5000 damages for (a massive sum of money for the time). The First one The Moonlighting Peers deals with the horrific eviction process for tenants unable to pay rent (history appears to repeat itself !).

Image Height 10" (26cm) Image Width 14" (36cm)  €550 Unframed the Set