429 Rare Georges Lavroff - Art Deco Polar Bear Sculpture - Circa 1930

 Rare George Lavroff (1895-1991) Silvered Bronze on Marble Base of his famous Art Deco Polar Bear Sculpture dating to Circa 1930. This piece which is signed and numbered 8028 is in excellent condition. This is a a beautiful original piece and I was fortunate to acquire it. Lavroff became a member of the Russian artistes association in Moscow and in 1927-1935 Lavroff was sent to France to promote Soviet Art. This was the start of the famous works we now associate with George Lavroff and for which he is famous, mainly his art deco animal statues.

Height 8.25" (21cm) Width 17.25" (44cm) Depth 4.25" (11cm) €8400