437 Antique Carved Bone Figure of Chinese Dignitary Male 19th Century

Exquisitely Hand Carved Bone Chinese Dignitary Standing Figure portraying a lavishly dressed bearded male. 

Difficult to date, in our opinion last quarter of the Nineteenth Century. 

Characterized by beautiful carved decorations, numerous details. A bird is perched on his left hand as he holds a sword, the other hand holding flowers. The carving is supported on a shaped polished hardwood base.   

Condition: This piece is in excellent condition, one “loop” on a shoe is missing, see image, the entire back view is a shade darker than the front. This piece is unmarked. 

Height: (entire) 9.75" (24.5cm). Width: (at base) 2.75” (7cm). Depth: (at base) 1.75” (4.5cm).