467 French Twin Decanter Tantalus - Circa 1900

Lovely Twin Decanter Tantalus - French - Circa 1900. This twin decanter Tantalus with detailed etching to the decanters is a lovely addition to my Gallery. The silver plated frame is original to the decanters and bar from one chip to the shoulder of one decanter the condition is goodg. The chip is difficult to notice but I have attenpted a picture which is in this listing. The decanters are profusely etched and the prominet symbol is the Star of David. The six pointed Star of David with overlapping triangles symbolises the connection between Man and God but there are many interpretations and generally is a recognized symbol of both Jewish identity and Judaism.

Height of Frame 13" (33cm) Width 10" (26cm) Depth 4.5(11.5cm) €645