663 Museum Quality Apothecary - Complete with Contents - Circa 1820


This Museum Quality Apothecary Chest which was used by a travelling Doctor or Apothecary is a very rare item, in superb condition with original working key and contents. The double doors open to reveal a sectioned interior complete with original contents. There are also several drawers complete with original contents and a secret area at the rear which is opened from a brass latch in the upper right hand side behind the door. The Patina is stunning, the Mahogany is the finest quality and the chest is complete with military brass (flat) handle and dates to Circa 1820. Apothecary Chests are always sought after and travel ones are very rare and very very rare in this condition.

Box Dimensions Height 14.5" (37cm) Depth 7.25" (8.5cm) Width 11.5" (29cm)  Item Sold