687 Superb Set of 10 Flore d’Amérique Framed Prints - Etienne Denisse

This is a striking set of 10 Framed Prints after the originals by Etienne Denisse from 1843-1846. In the 1840s, Europe was enraptured by the beauty of America’s tropical flora. With the production of the lavishly-illustrated Flore d’Amérique (1843-46), Etienne Denisse brought the exotic flowers, fruits, trees, vines, and nuts growing in the Caribbean Islands to captivated readers across the Atlantic. As a lithographer for the French royal court, Etienne Denisse spent his early career at the botanical garden of the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris. Denisse’s work in America culminated in the production of the magnificent Flore d’Amérique, comprised of a total of 201 plates.(this 10 are from these)

Frame Dimensions Height 22" (56cm) Width 17" (43cm)

Picture Dimensions Height 15" (38cm) Width 10" (25.5cm)

€1590 The Set