778 Large Pair Bronze Cats - Art Deco -on Plinths

This Large Pair of Bronze Art Deco Cats with Plinths make for a striking view at my Gallery. The Art Deco design is wonderfully reproduced here by Eichholtz featuring a bronze patina finish. It has an unmistakable cat pose, which gives this sculptures genuine character. The plinths which I purchased for the Sculptures really work/match well and the combined height of the combination comes in at an impressive 58.5" (148.5cm). These would make for a serious Art Deco statement in your home or hallway.

Sculpture Height 18" (46cm) Width 7" (17.5cm) Depth 9.75" (25cm)

Plinth Dimensions Height 40" (101.5cm) Width and Depth 13" (33cm)

Pair and Plinths €9750