806 Antique Female French Classical Bronze Diana Robing Praxiteles Audin Marseille

Fine Example of Classical Grand Tour Patinated Bronze Diana Robing after Praxiteles, an Elegant Classical Patinated French Bronze Female Standing Figure in drapery on a square platform base, mid to late Nineteenth Century of French origin.   

Note: The original marble statue, which is now at the Louvre in Paris, was excavated in 1792 on Prince Borghese's property at Gabii outside Rome. The statue is attributed to the Greek artist Praxiteles. The statue is since referred to as: 'Diane de Gabies' also known as: 'Diana Robing' the Goddess of the Hunt, the Moon and Birthing. She was equated with the Greek Goddess Artemis.   

Condition: Superb untouched condition, nice surface patination. 

Foundry marks of Audin a Marseille.   

Height: (entire an impressive) 19.75" (50cm). Width: (at base) 5.75" (14.5cm). Depth: (at base) 5” (12.75cm).