863 EB Herberte 'The Meet Up'; 'The Jump' A pair, Oils on Canvas

These are a very beautiful Pair of Oil on Canvas by Edward Benjamin Herberte (1857-1893) - 'The Jump' and 'The Meet Up' - Framed in original Victorian Gilt Frames. Edward Benjamin Herberte was a sporting painter from England who was born in 1857. He primarily painted for private commissions and never exhibited in London. Herberte was known for his spirited depictions of hunting and horse racing, and was one of the first artists to depict women riding in sporting settings. Tne Meet Up Painting (one of the pair on sale here) depicts a Lady riding side saddle and this is rare for old paintings. He died in 1893.

Frame Height 22.5" (57cm) Width 30.5" (77cm)

Painting Dimensions Height 16" (40cm) Width 24" (61cm)

Pair €5450