966 Rare Killarney Edwardian Irish Table - Carved Oak

Rare Irish Killarney Table Circa 1900 - Irish - This Irish Table which is all hand carved Oak and beautifully assembled was made at The Killarney School of Arts and Crafts opened in 1895. The Earl of Kenmare provided a house which was fitted up as a permanent school under a Master engaged from London, Anton Lang. The Countess of Kenmare first set up the class which later became Killarney furniture industries. The pieces are influenced by The Art and Crafts movement and Killarney pieces from the school were exhibited at many shows around the world. The carving is very crisp and delicately detailed on this piece. This was a small enterprise and it really made a mark when pieces were shown at the 1914 World Fair in St Louis USA. This piece has the original Killarney tag.

Length 30" (77cm) Height 28" (71cm) Depth 13.3" (34cm) Price on Application