M162 Stunning Italian Mid Century Walnut Games Table

This is a spectacular high quality vintage Italian Burr Walnut, floral Maruquetry and Ormolu inlaid metamorphic triple top Games Table for roulette, cards, chess, draughts, backgammon and blackjack. It is a superb Italain Mid 20th Century Game Table and one of the best I have seen. The lift-off top flips over  to reveal a chess board, with an internal flip over board with a green baize lined gaming interior, one side is for playing cards, poker and mahjong, and the other side is for black jack. There are counter recesses for chips with a central panel for backgammon which opens again to reveal a further panel with a roulette wheel, counter wells with counters and a green roulette baize marked scoring panel.

Complete with chess set, draughts & backgammon sets, 2 packs of cards, chips, mah jong dice, dice and 2 roulette balls. The table sits on a cylindrical pedestal on a circular base with four ormolu mounted splay feet. It is an elegant piece which will enhance a special room in your home and be most certainly a talking point.
Condition:In excellent condition having been beautifully cleaned, polished and waxed in our workshop, the Roulette baize is original.

Height 31" (79cm) Diam Top 49" (124cm)   €9900