M173 Wall Plaque Akhihotep - Large - Bronze Patinated - Egypt

The "Wall Plaque Akhihotep" is not only a captivating design but also a great addition to your home's wall decor. Inspired by the ancient "Relief Depicting Personified Estates" found in the Tomb of Akhtihotep, this brass sculpture boasts a rich bronze finish. The plaque skillfully portrays figures bearing offerings on their heads, symbolizing the agricultural estates that sustained funerary rituals. With its high relief and historical charm, it's a perfect piece for your home's wall. The Wall Sculpture Akhtihotep is inspired by reliefs depicting personified estates (ca. 2575-2551 B.C.) from the tomb of Akhtihotep, a royal official and priest. Now in the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Eichholtz.

Height 43.3" (110cm) Width 32.3" (82cm)  €3390