M174 Wall Plaque Sebennytos - Bronze Finish - Egypt

The "Wall Plaque Sebennytos" stands as the centerpieces of The Met x Eichholtz collection. Crafted from brass with a rich bronze finish, this piece brings the heritage of Sebennytos (Sammanud) to life. It's a substantial addition to your decor. Originally adorning temple walls, figures like this symbolized Egypt's fertility offerings to the gods. This sculpture, featuring the name of Nectanebo II, exudes historical charm, making it a captivating statement for your space. Wall Sculpture Sebennytos.The Wall Plaque Sebennytos draws inspiration from an Egyptian fecundity figure (360–343 B.C.) at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Height 33.8" (86cm) Width 25.6" (65cm) €2990