M176 Reclining Lion - White Marble - Eichholtz

The "Reclining Lion" art piece, inspired by its vigilant muse, captures a majestic moment in marble. Handcrafted with precision, each piece is unique, showcasing variations in color and veining. It echoes the symbolism of lions guarding temple entrances—a sign of regal strength and divine protection. Allow this sculpture to grace your space with its powerful presence, a reminder of the enduring forces that watch over the sacred. This Lion sculpture is a recreation of a Ptolemaic- or Roman-period Egyptian sculpture of a reclining lion (332 B.C.–A.D. 364) at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.


 Width 16.75" (42.5cm) Depth 8.25" (21cm) Height 8.75" (22cm)  €1995