957 Francois Victor Bazin (1897-1956) - Latil Mascot for Cars - Circa 1920

A rare Cubist Elephant Truck/Car mascot hood ornament by Frederick Bazin for Latil Circa 1920, French, 1920s. A powerful and strong sculpture worthy of any proud auto driver especially in Paris in the 1920s. Elephants are always popular and this example is so of the period with major Deco design infuences. It is a metal mascot mounted on a marble display as a desk piece, it is in excellent condition with crisp cubist details signed in two places Latil and Bazin. These are rare and very collectable. I purchased it online and shortly after my purchase the seller asked if I would take a profit as he had a 'famous' collector on from the UK to buy it. Metal mounted on Marble and would make a superb desk piece.

Width 9" (23cm) Depth 6" (15cm) Height 6.75" 917cm)  €2550