302 Daniel Van der Putten - Castle Barrett - Co. Cork - Oil Painting on Panel

'Castle Barrett Co. Cork' The Genius of Van Der Putten in Co Cork, Ireland. Superb Painting by Daniel Van der Putten. This is a beautiful Painting of one of Ireland's most beautiful areas near Mallow in Co Cork. Daniel Van Der Putten is Dutch born but resides and paints in the UK. Exhibited only in the finest Galleries, it is a great honour to have a Van Der Putten in my Gallery and to have the only Painting of Castle Barrett in Cork by Van Der Putten is a very rare honour. Van der Putten's majestic brush work captures with consummate finesse the Magic of this rural scene and his Shadow and Light work in this rural scene is Superb. The Painting is framed in a fine quality Gilt Frame.


Painting Dimensions Width 13" (33cm) Height 15.5" (39.5cm) €4450


Castle Barrett was built around the 13th century. It was originally known as Castle More or Castlemore. In 1439 it was taken over by the Earl of Desmond. The Barrett family acquired the castle in the 17th century. The castle was damaged in 1645 by Oliver Cromwell's army. After the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, John Barrett who fought on the side of the Jacobites lost to the Williamites. Castle Barrett was destroyed and 12,000 acres of Barrett land was forfeited.