418 Daniel Van der Putten - Glenquin Castle, Limerick - Oil Painting on Panel

The Magic of Ireland by Daniel Van Der Putten- 'Glenquin Castle' in Killeedy Co. Limerick. The Genius of Van Der Putten in Co Offaly, Ireland. Superb Painting by Daniel Van der Putten. This is a beautiful Painting of one of Ireland's hidden gems. The Ancient Castle at Killeedy in the Summer time. Daniel Van Der Putten is Dutch born but resides and paints in the UK. Exhibited only in the fine st Galleries, it is a great honour to have a Van Der Putten in my Gallery and to have the only Painting of Glenquin Castle by Van Der Putten is a very rare honour. Van der Putten's majestic brush work captures with consummate finesse the magic of this rural scene. The Painting is framed in a fine quality Gilt Frame.

Painting Dimensions Width 15.5" (39.4cm) Height 13" (34.3cm) €4550


The tower house was built in 1462 by the Ó hAilgheanáin (O'Hallinans), on the site of an older building dating back to AD 983. It was taken by the Uí Briain (O'Briens), and during the Desmond Rebellions (1569) it fell to the Geraldines until the Crown confiscated their lands in 1571. The castle was partly demolished by Walter Raleigh. By 1587 it was in the hands of the Hungerford; in 1591 it went to Sir William Courtenay, and in 1595 to a Captain Collum. It was restored by William Courtenay, 10th Earl of Devon in 1840.

At the 1916 Easter Rising, 300 Irish Volunteers assembled at Glenquin Castle, but they did not take any military action. It was restored again in the 1980s and is under the care of the Office of Public Works.