121 Set of 4 Royal Worcester Cabinet Plates - Circa 1920 - Hand Painted - Signed

These are a beautiful set of Four Royal Worcester Cabinet Plates - Hand Painted and Signed depicting four Famous Castles in The United Kingdom.Each plate is signed by the Artist and finished with a Gold rim. These make for a striking set. They are all stamped on the base with The Royal Worcester stamp. Windsor Plate, Artist  S Westons - Richmond - Pembroke, Artist Nicholls - Warwick, Artist Rushton. Condition of plates is very good.

  • Windsor Castle - Berkshire England dating to 1050
  • Pembroke Castle - Pembrokeshire Wales dating to 1093
  • Warwick Castle - Warwickshire England dating to 1068
  • Richmond Castle - North Yorkshire England dating to 1071

Diam Plate 10.5" (27cm)  €895 Set Of 4