053 Sold Birds in a setting - Oil on Canvas - Melchior D'Hondecoeter

Melchior D'Hondecoeter (Dutch, circa 1636-1695). Birds in a setting - Oil on Canvas, A  pheasant, cockerel, bantams and other birds in a parkland landscape. The painting was located here in Dublin and the quality and age of the piece was immediately apparent and when i requested opinion of one of Ireland's most respected experts, they confirmed that the painting was 18th century and was possibly part of a larger piece of art and although not signed was very much in the school of the famed Melchior D'Hondecoeter or someone contemporay and in the Circle of D'Hondecoeter. This 18th century painting was recently restored and framed.

Canvas Size Height 26.5" (67cm) Width 24" (61cm)  Item Sold