058 Sold Wally Bird - Martin Brothers - Earthenware - Number 1717

This is a replica of the Famous Martin Brothers 'Wally Bird'. It is well cast and makes for an interesting talking point.

Height 9.25" (23.5cm) Item Sold

Martin Brothers (1873-1923) was a London-based pottery manufacturer owned and operated by four brothers, Wallace, Walter, Charles and Edwin, whose productions bridged the gap between the Victorian design sensibilities of the late Nineteenth Century and the English studio pottery movement of the early Twentieth Century. Martin Brothers produced stoneware pottery, broadly referred to as Martinware, including bowls, vessels, tiles and novelties that were often rendered in a whimsical yet highly skillful style. While all Martinware is highly valued on the secondary market, it is the manufacturer’s bird-form vessels, referred to as “Wally Birds” by