077 Sold Boxed Set 31 Silver Coins with Complete images of Vermeer Paintings - Solid Silver

This is an edition of "The complete works of Vermeer", consisting of 31 coins. These coins are sterling silver. 925 with a coating of pure gold (24 carat). This set was issued in 1975 by the Franklin Mint, Netherlands on the occasion of the 300th memorial year of Vermeer. On the front of the coins youll see an image of one of the works of Johannes Vermeer, and on the rear the title of the artwork with the name Vermeer. This is the first collection in the history of numismatic art that contains the complete works of a prominent artist. The collection consists of the 31 remaining works of Vermeer, as recognised by the Vermeer Stichting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The complete works of Vermeer was - on the occasion of the 300th memorial year of Vermeer - issued in a strictly limited one-time edition. The hallmarks are indicated on the edges of the coins including the content: gold on silver 925/1000. The complete works of Vermeer. Includes Certificate of Authenticity and booklet with description of each coin.

Coin Size Diam1.75" (4.5cm) Weight 31 Grams (Total weight of all coins almost 1kg)  

Box Dimensions Width 19.25" (49cm) Depth 16.5" (42cm) Height 3.15" (8cm)

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