082 Sold 'Dressed to Kill' Design David Fisher - Stamped Signed Dated 1987

This is a striking - Austin Prod David Fisher "Dressed to Kill" AP 3484 Statue Dated 1987. It is in very good condition except for few scuff marks to the surface. Designed in 1987, this cool edgy couple are dressed for a night out on the Town. Made from a man-made material called Durastone , finished with Silver and Antique Bronze . The Austin company was founded in 1952 in New York as a museum reproduction company featuring selections from great art collections of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Asian, African and Contemporary sculpture. The company is no longer in operation. This specific statue is made of Durastone.

Height 25.5" (65cm) Weight 11.4kg (25lbs) Item Sold

David Fisher - Graduated from The Greek Art College in Odessa, Ukraine. He worked for many Years in The Soviet Union. Fisher gained notoriety by taking first Prize in Sculpture for the Vietnam War Memorial constructed in Washington.