088 Sold Pair of Cold-Painted Bronze Figures of the Kamer-Kazaks Pustynnikov and Kudinov - Faberge

A Pair of bronze figures, inscribed Fabergé, dated 1912

This rare pair are in cold painted bronze and are of A.A. Kudinov and N.N. Pustynnikov, personal Kamer-Kazak bodyguards of Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, in dress parade uniforms with badges and medals, the coats trimmed with Imperial eagles, the cockaded fleece hats with gold braid, inscribed in Russian on the heels and soles of the boots 'Kamer-Kazak since 1894/A.A. Kudinov/Fabergé/1912' and 'Kamer-Kazak since 1894/N.N. Pustynnikov/Fabergé/1912'

Height 15.5" (39.5cm) Weight of one 4.54kg Item Sold

The precise origin of these figures, which appear to be copies of – or models for – the well-known Fabergé hardstone figures of the Kamer-Kazak guards of the Empresses, is something of a mystery.  Commissioned by Emperor Nicholas II in 1912, the hardstone figures were portraits from life, the guards visiting the studio of Fabergé’s sculptor Boris Frödman-Cluzel to pose for the artist, who modelled them in wax.  The final works were both at Pavlovsk in 1925, when the figure of Pustynnikov was sold to Armand Hammer, who subsequently sold it in 1934.  The whereabouts of that figure remained unknown until 2013, when it was sold at Stair Galleries of Hudson, New York, by a descendant of Hammer’s buyer; its discovery and the sale result of $5.2million garnered international headlines.  The figure of Kudinov remains at the State Pavlovsk Museum (inv. TsKh-822-VII).