142 Sold Superb Pair of Sword Hilt Candlesticks - English Circa 1850 - Game of Thrones

These are a very interesting Pair of Sword Hilt Candlesticks dating to Circa 1850. These were a British Officer's swords and were adapted at some stage for a much more benign purpose. The sticks have their original finish (now worn in places) and the grips are also original. The Lion detail on the Handle suggests Royal connection but of course most of us today would associate The House of Lannister from Game of Thrones with this image. I have decided to refer to them as Lannister Candlesticks and maybe even used by Jamie Lannister in his wars with various Game of Throne enemies. #gameofthrones #got #lannister

Height 10.5" (27cm) Item Sold