147 Sold Emilio Trad (b1953 Argentina) - Oil on Canvas - 'L'oiseau rouge'

Superb Large - Emilio Trad - Oil on Canvas, 'L'oiseau rouge'. Emilio Trad was born in 1953, in Buenos Aires. Having graduated from the school of Fine Arts Emilio decided to travel to Europe. He decided to settle in Paris. In 1992, with his first prize for the painting of the “Paris Salon d’Automne”, the galleries were ready to exhibit his work. He received also the first prize in the painting of the “Grand Prix de Barbizon” and the first prize from the Taylor Foundation in Paris. His paintings were exhibited in Paris, Buenos Aires, Beirut, The Hague, Brussels, London, and Miami.

This painting where Trad uses his superb human understanding and his expressive brilliance to reflect his idea of our world, full of questions, uncertainty and haunted prophecy. The onlooker becomes the subject as the impassive 'gaze' from the people in the painting question us as we struggle to understand the many meanings and interpretations we can take from this masterpiece.

Painting Height 51" (130cm) Width 38" (97cm) Frame 56" (142.5cm) Width 43" (109.5cm)

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