180 Sold William Butler Yeats letter - Signed original to Mr. Henley

W.B. Yeats (Irish) (1865-1939) Poet and Dramatist - Signed Letter. Yeats won the Nobel Prizer for Literature in 1923. The letter bears a good signature, W B Yeats, Dublin, 4th September (1890), to W. E. Henley. Yeats sends Henley a book of sonnets by Rhys 'with drawings by my brother who is about 19 years old & means to take to illustrating', adding 'The drawings seem to me to have a very genuine tragic intensity that makes them something much more than caricatures. Perhaps you might if you care for them get some one to say a good word for them of some kind in the National Observer'. Yeats also explains that the publisher Unwin will shortly be sending Henley a copy of John Sherman, remarking 'There is a little thing bound up with it called ''Dhoya'' that may please you. There is a poem of mine that was in my book embedded in ''Dhoya'' so the pseudonymer - the thing comes out in the Pseudonym Library - is not very profoundly kept', further stating that he is sending an article 'on a curious Dublin visionary and a little poem', adding 'My visionary by the by showed me your ''God in the garden'' poems & called it one of your best things. He is a reader of your verse & in all ways one of the few true students of poetry I know. I think with him about your ''God in a garden''. Its verse has a fine ringing sound'. In a postscript Yeats provides his address in Dublin for the proofs of the poem to be sent to, should it suit Henley. A letter of good content and referencing some insight into William’s early thoughts on Jack’s work. Condition is about very good.
William Ernest Henley (1849-1903) British Poet, Writer, Critic and Editor of the National Observer from 1889-93. Henley was the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's character Long John Silver in Treasure Island (1883) and his young daughter Margaret inspired J. M. Barrie's choice of the name Wendy for the heroine of his play Peter Pan (1904). Framed with conservation mounting and museum quality glass.

Frame Size Height 18.3" (46.5) Width 21.7" (55cm) Letter Height 8.7" (22cm) Width 6.7 (18cm)

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