184 Sold Tito Angelini (1806–1878) - Superb Bronze of Dante Circa 1850 - Italian

Superb Bronze Sculpture by Tito Angelini (1806-1878) of Dante. Durante degli Alighieri, usually simply known as Dante was born in Florence in about 1265. He wrote the Infeno, the first part of the Divine Comedy by about 1300. He is considered the father of the Italian language and perhaps their greatest poet. This lovely bronze, with fine detail and with a great colour shows him in a full length coat and hat. Set on a marble base. Tito Angelini was an Italian sculptor and leader of the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, where he was born and died. His studies in Rome led to an influence by the pre-eminent Neoclassic sculptors of his day, Canova and the Danish Thorvaldsen. This Bronze is superbly cast, rare and in tandem with all bronzes changes colour depending on light (internal tend to be dark and external more of a brown patiniation).

Height 12.5" (31.75cm)  Item Sold

Tito Angelini's completed the works of La Clemenza e L'Immacolata for the chapel of the Palazzo Reale of Naples. He also completed the funereal monument for Lucia Migliaccio for the church of San Ferdinando, and the monuments to Saverio Mercadante and Giuseppe Mazzini and the statue of Sant'Ambrogio for the church of San Francesco in Gaeta. His works are also to be seen in museums in Naples and Campagna. Among his pupils was Salvatore Albano. Other works can be find at the Royal Palace of Caserta, for example the reliefs in the Alexander Room or the statues in the Throne room.