189 Sold Pair Hand Coloured Engravings - The Cherubs - Original by Giovanni Battista Cipriani 1780's

These are a beautiful Pair of Hand coloured Italian Engravings dating to 1780 and 1782. They are superbly framed and the frames were made for them. They are both named 'The Cherubs' and were painted by Giovanni Battista Cipriani. This pair are engravings after the original by the famed engraver Francesco Bartolozzi and are dated 1780 and 1782. They were published by Pergolosi. They do have some fading but after 240 years one would expect some fading but overall they are in fair condition with some staining.

Frame Height 17.5" (44.5cm) Width 17" (43cm) Image Dimensions are 11" x 11" (28cm)  Item Sold