217 Sold Harold Clayton (1896-1979) Oil on Canvas - Flowers in Urn - Still Life

Wonderful Framed Oil on Canvas by the famed British Artist , Harold Clayton (1896 - 1979). This Painting of Flowers in Urn achieves a level of realism which will immediately strike the viewer. Every flower reaches out with a triumphant display of summer’s palette. Clayton went to St. Martin’s School of Art where he studied under the celebrated Art Master Norman Jones. This meeting had a profound effect on the path Clayton’s career ultimately took, leading to his exhibition of many oil paintings and watercolours at the Royal Academy. This painting at my Gallery really looks amazing and displays every quality that we associate with Harold Clayton artistic finesse. Provenance GM Lotinga, London

Height (canvas 23.5" (60cm) Width 19" (48.5cm) Item Sold