248 Sold Rare Art Deco Barometer-Desk Set Circa 1948 - Field Aircraft Instuments Ltd

 This is a Rare Item. This Barometer/Desk Set was made Circa 1948 by the Field Aircraft Instruments and Equipment Limited of Surrey. This item is interesting on many levels as it is so of the Deco Period and also made by a company that was famous as an instrument maker for the War effort in the UK during the WWll. The Instrument Companies had to diversify and this Desk Baromter is one of the pieces that resulted. It is finely made and very precise as it indicates air pressure with a pictorial representation. The revolving pictures rotate with air pressure change. Above the pressure reading there is a temperature revolving dial and below there is recessed ring marked in inches of mercury. The Stepped design and The Cast Aluminium with Chrome plated parts make it an Iconic Art Deco Piece.

Width 10.5" (27cm) Height 5.5" (14cm) Item Sold