254 Sold Bronze and Marble Sculpture - 'Les Girls' - Chiparus - Art Deco

This is a spectacular version of the Cold Plated Bronze of the famed Art Deco 'Les Girls' dancing group of 5 dancers by Demètre H. Chiparus which was done in 1920s. This piece which is after the original is large and very heavy. In 1909 the Ballets Russes had descended on the city of Paris France from St. Petersburg with a talented troupe of dancers, musicians, decorators and costumes. At these shows the audience witnesses a fantastically vivid stage scene with the dancers moving synchronously. Elegantly spread arms and slightly bent upper body, they move forward step by step, the right toe is on the floor, the left leg performs the dance movement. Their heads are turned back and the girls' gaze is directed at an imaginary audience. The leotards cling to their slender bodies, leaving only the girls' faces exposed. A comb-like headdress that starts at the crown and reaches almost to the shoulders gives them an Egyptian appearance. For the next twenty years they staged outlandish performances the likes of which had never been seen. Demeter Chiparus moved to Paris in 1912.  After attending the famed Ecole des Beaux Arts, he found himself mirroring in sculptures what was happening on stage. The sculpture which is my Gallery window has attracted much interest and comment from all that see it. This is a very heavy sculpture and shipping would be very expensive.

Height 17" (43cm) Width 24" (61cm) Depth 7.5 (19cm) Item Sold