254 Sold The Death of Nelson in 1805- Stevengraph - Hand Woven Silk

This is a beautifully framed Stevengraph - Hand Woven Silk of a view of the death of Admiral Lord Nelson on the deck of the flagship Victory in 1805. This picture is very crowded with figures and is larger than the normal Stevengraph. The colours are vivid and it is framed in a superb inlayed Satinwood Frame with Rosewood and Kingwood detail. The detail and precision of the work is excellent. This Stevegraph was created by Thomas Stevens at The Stevengraph works in Coventry.

Frame Size Width 10" (25.5 cm) Height 6.5" (16cm)

 Image Size Width 6 9/10" (17.5 cm) Height  2 3/10" (5.8 cm).

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