282 Sold Portrait of Johannes Eliza Criellaert - Dated 1897 - Oil on Canvas

This is a spectacular Oil on Canvas - The Painting is of, Johannes Eliza Criellaert (1816-1898). Johannes and his Brother (Cornelis) were artists in Holland and are decendants of the famed Johannes Eliza Criellaert (1766-1840) (business man). This Oil on Canvas which is in the original stunning frame is a beautifully executed work of art and depicts a serene scene in the Dutch Country Side. Mr J. E Criellaert (1816-1898) must have really loved this portrait which was done a year before his death. The Painting is Signed by SB Criellaert (nephew/niece of JE Criellaert) which is inscribed on the painting (in dutch).

Painting dimensions Width 29.5" (75cm) Height 17" (43cm) 

Frame Dimensions Width 42" (107cm) Height 29.5" (75cm)

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