296 Sold René-Jules Lalique (1860-1945) Crouching Cat and Sitting Cat Statuettes

Two of René Lalique's most beautiful and popular designs, the Sitting Cat and the Crouching Cat, statuettes.  The first models of these Lalique cat designs were produced in 1932 but they have remained such popular works of art that the Lalique factory has continued to produce them at different periods. These two examples are in a lovely clear crystal with excellent detail still existing in the moulds and are typical of the 1970's. The 'Cats' have remained a firm favourite with collectors over the years and the more recent examples from the Lalique factory are produced in a frosted, almost white surfaced glass, with much less detail in the moulds. These are such beautiful creatures that they are one of the few modern production items that i am always happy to have in stock.  Design created in 1932. These models produced C 1970's.   Ref: Marcilhac: Left 'CHAT ASSIS' 1208: Right 'CHAT COUCHE' 1207  

Height of Cat on Left: 8.25 (21cm)  Length of cat on right: 9.5" (24cm)

 Signatures. Script signatures to both:  Left cat - 'Lalique France' to edge of base. Right cat - 'Lalique (R in circle) France' to edge of base.

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