333 Sold John Schwatschke 'Gay Paris' Oil on Canvas - Framed

John Schwatschke (born Dublin 1943) is famed for his work with Classical Portraiture and Caricature. This Painting 'Gay Paris' is an excellent example of his caricature work and comes framed in the original gilt frame. This image will bring a smile to all that view with lots of subtle nuances going on. The 'Cousins of Dorothy' on tour in the 'City of Light'. The Piece is signed on the verso and is fully stamped and catalogued through the La Musee Schwatschke.

Height 24" (61cm) Width 29.5" (75cm)  Item Sold

Schwatschke was born in Dublin in 1943 of Austrian and Irish parents and his original ambition was to ba a classical piano composer. He had always an artistic interest and on the advice of President Eamon De Valera he concentrated on Art. 'Dev' is believed to have remarked to Schwatschke "do one thing and do it well" after the artist painted De Valera during his time as Chancellor ot the National University.