336 Sold Fullers Calculator in Original Box - 1931 - Bakelite

 This is a Rare Fuller Bakewell Calculator by Stanley of London with original instruction booklet in good condition. It has the logarithmic scale of numbers 41 feet 8 inches in length. By George Fuller, M.Inst., C.E. In original wooden box.

Details - On the outer cylinder is a helical logarithmic scale 500" (41'8" or about 12.5 m) in length. This cylinder can be slid and rotated upon the inner one and hence with the correct sequence of movements, multiplications and divisions can be made and the answers read off the two pointers which project over the cylindrical scale. Results can be obtained to four and frequently five decimal places. The calculator may be used either held in the hand or mounted on the end of its case. On the inner cylinder is a scale of logarithms to four decimal places and a scale of sines. This rarer Fuller-Bakewell calculator also has a scale of cos2 and sin cos and is intended for Tacheometrical Surveying.


Box: Width 18" (46cm) Height 4" (10cm) Depth 4.5" (11.5cm)    

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