347 Sold Set of 12 Framed John Gould Engravings - Publication Date 1873

Set of 12 Framed Engravings after the originals from the first edition of Goulds Tropical Birds from 1873 printed by Taylor and Francis of London and Published by Gould. This set are all in excellent condition and make for a striking view. 1, Sparrow Hawk 2, Dark Greenland Falcon 3, Golden Eagle 4, Eagle Owl 5, Osprey 6, Peregrine Falcon 7, Honey Buzzard 8, Orange-Legged Hobby 9, Long-Eared Owl 10, Merlin 11,Greenland Falcon Dark 12, Greenland Falcon Light

Image Height 14" (36cm) Width 11" (28cm)  Item Sold