410 Sold Guttural Muse and In The Boathouse - Barrie Cooke and Seamus Heaney - Limited Edition

This Pair are number 11 / of 40 Limited Edition Prints from Barrie Cooke and Seamus Heaney - 2009. Guttural Muse and In the Boathouse. They are signed and numbered and come with original Certificate from The Irish Museum of Modern Art. They are colour intaglio limited prints and handprinted on Moulin de Gue paper. They were conceived exclusively by Barrie Cooke and Seamus Heaney for IMMA. They are framed. It is important to note that these are an original pair numbered with certificates and the copyright remains the Artists. Barrie Cooke (1931-2014) was born in Cheshire UK and was exhibited in some of the finest galleries and museums around the World. Seamus Heaney  (1939-2013) MRIA was an Irish poet, playwright and translator. He received the 1995 Nobel Prize in Literature. It is a great honour to have these and offer them for sale.

Print Dimensions Height 30" (76.5cm) Width 22.75" (58cm)   Item Sold